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Hydrogen Economy Symposium is a unique event bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers, scholars and professionals working in the field of hydrogen economy, ranging from its production, storage, distribution, safety, standards, to application such as fuel cells. The symposium will provide a platform scientific discussions on the most recent innovations, trends, and challenges encountered and adopted solutions in the fields of hydrogen energy and technologies. We invite you to contribute and shape the future of hydrogen energy ecosystem.

Below are some key topics covered in the symposium as a guide for the authors:

•    Fuel cell components
•    Electrocatalyst/Electrodes (fuel cells and electrolysers)
•    Environmental aspects and impact of hydrogen energy technologies
•    Technoeconomics of Hydrogen energy applications
•    Fuel cell characterisation
•    Fuel cell systems modelling
•    Hydrogen conversion technologies
•    Hydrogen economy/commercialization/codes and standard
•    Hydrogen in smart grids
•    Hydrogen Management
•    Hydrogen Production from: bio-gasification; catalysts; electrolysis; fossil sources; solar hydrogen/renewable hydrogen
•    Hydrogen properties/safety/sensors
•    Hydrogen Storage: Chemical carriers, hydrides, gas/liquefaction
•    Hydrogen strategies, policies and roadmaps
•    Hydrogen systems modelling
•    Hydrogen thermodynamics
•    Hydrogen transportation
•    Hydrogen tourism
•    Hydrogen vehicles
•    Infrastructure system modelling
•    Innovative hydrogen energy processes and technologies
•    Life cycle aspects of hydrogen energy
•    Molten carbonates fuel cells components
•    Pipelines/hydrogen infrastructure/distribution/filling stations
•    Purification/separation/membranes
•    Renewable hydrogen technologies and applications
•    Solid oxide fuel cells components
•    Waste to hydrogen energy
•    Electrolysis processes
•    Electrolyser characterisation ex and in-situ
•    Electrolyser modelling

•    Social acceptance and policy development around hydrogen

•    Hydrogen certification

•    Case studies for hydrogen pilot and demonstration project 

Authors are invited to submit abstracts to be included in the scientific-technical program or industry program. For more information, please contact Conference Secretariat.

Symposium Host:

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