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Energy Conversion Theme

Energy Conversion theme will cover (but not limited to:)

  • Photovoltaics

  • Water splitting

  • Carbon capture and conversion

  • Nitrogen fixation

  • Thermoelectricity, piezoelectricity, and triboelectricity

  • Photocatalysis

  • Catalysis

  • Photo-Thermal Catalysis

Theme Chairs: A/Prof Jason Scott (UNSW) and Dr Zongyou Yin (ANU)

Renewable Hydrogen theme will cover (but not limited to:)

•    Fuel cell components
•    Electrocatalyst/Electrodes (fuel cells and electrolysers)
•    Environmental aspects and impact of hydrogen energy technologies
•    Exergoeconomics of Hydrogen energy applications
•    Fuel cell characterisation
•    Fuel cell systems modelling
•    Hydrogen conversion technologies
•    Hydrogen economy/commercialization/codes and standard
•    Hydrogen in smart grids
•    Hydrogen Management
•    Hydrogen Production from: bio-gasification; catalysts; electrolysis; fossil sources; solar hydrogen/renewable hydrogen
•    Hydrogen properties/safety/sensors
•    Hydrogen Storage: Chemical carriers, hydrides, gas/liquefaction
•    Hydrogen strategies, policies and roadmaps
•    Hydrogen systems modelling
•    Hydrogen thermodynamics
•    Hydrogen transportation
•    Hydrogen tourism
•    Hydrogen vehicles
•    Infrastructure system modelling
•    Innovative hydrogen energy processes and technologies
•    Life cycle aspects of hydrogen energy
•    Molten carbonates fuel cells components
•    Pipelines/hydrogen infrastructure/distribution/filling stations
•    Purification/separation/membranes
•    Renewable hydrogen technologies and applications
•    Solid oxide fuel cells components
•    Waste to hydrogen energy
•    Electrolysis processes
•    Electrolyser characterisation ex and in-situ
•    Electrolyser modelling


Theme Chairs: Prof Francois Aguey Zinsou and Prof Rose Amal (UNSW)

Energy Storage and Batteries theme will cover (but not limited to):

•    Electrode materials
•    Mechanistic understanding of material function
•    Next generation and alternative battery chemistries
•    Characterization techniques, in-situ and operando methods
•    Modelling of phenomena and systems
•    New concepts, new devices and new fabrication processes in batteries
•    Devices and/or systems integration and applications

Theme Chairs: Prof Zaiping Guo (UoW), Dr Neeraj Sharma (UNSW) and Prof Guoxiu Wang

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