ECR in Energy Symposium

The ECR Energy Symposium invites young professionals and students aged 18-35 years to participate. We seek motivated, engaged, dynamic and creative individuals from government, business, research and the community sector working in the emerging energy and environmental technologies.


Whether you already play a leadership role, or keen to be a leader in your field , we’d love to hear from you. The ECR Energy Symposium will provide an excellent platform for scientists, especially young academics and industrial engineers, to exchange and share their knowledge and ideas in the field of  energy and environmental technologies, as well as to interact with world-leading researchers to discuss their latest advances and breakthroughs.

Conference support maybe available for ECR to attend this ECR Energy Symposium. Please check the webpage from time to time for updates.

For more information please contact: Dr Emma Lovell (UNSW) or Dr Rahman Daiyan (UNSW) 

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